BOXING: Can you believe what ANTHONY JOSHUA was caught doing?  

A British boxing star stirred anger from the far-right after posting a picture of himself taking part in Muslim prayers at a mosque in the UAE.

Anthony Joshua, an International Boxing Federation (IBF) heavyweight champion, tweeted on Tuesday the photo of himself and his friends praying. It has since been retweeted more than 18,000 times.

Joshua, who won gold at the London 2012 Olympics, wrote “prayer was a solid foundation” alongside hard work, luck, and talent, in the tweet accompanying the picture.

Joshua was raised a Christian but follows no particular religion, according to an interview he did with the British news agency, the Press Association, last year.

Nevertheless, many on Twitter vented anger at him for associating himself with Islam.

“He is a great fighter but I am shocked and disappointed by his support for such a vile religion,” wrote one person with the username ‘RightWingRoy’.

Another user, Sam Halpin, wrote “You have lost my support and i hope klitscho (sic) irons you out”, referring to Joshua’s upcoming bout with Ukrainian boxer Vitali Klitschko.

The negative response, however, soon gave way to messages of support for Joshua and others mocking the significance of Twitter users withdrawing their support for a famous sportsman.

“People abusing Anthony Joshua for visiting a Mosque probably paid tribute to Muhammad Ali when he died last year,” said ring announcer Ricky Wright.